Madiba and other matters


Like many others all over the world, I have become emotional over the passing of that great African. We knew he would go; in fact a few days ago I discussed with my son the fact that he was already not with us. But it is always sad to lose someone. He was the ultimate role model for Africa, in these times when some of us have no love for our leaders and have become cynical about the future. A friend just emailed me and said it would take a while for the world to get a replacement. I hope not. Madiba, Rest in Peace.

Now to other matters. I attended a rather strange meeting with my boss yesterday. I work in a university, and a colleague had requested a meeting with the boss because she was being sexually harassed and intimidated and nothing was happening. The meeting became a ‘he said’ ‘she said’ affair and we women present (there were two of us apart from the complainant)   had to  put the meeting back on track by drawing the boss’s attention to the fact that we wanted to leave the meeting with a benevolent outcome, at the very least, the harasser needed to apologise for his actions. But some of the men said that would amount to an admission of guilt and we had to tell them that the fact that a colleague had been made to feel uncomfortable was the key issue. Anyway, the boss apologized on behalf of the institution and the harasser said he was sorry if he had stepped on the lady’s toes. So. We need sexual harassment policies that work in all organizations.That is the least we can do to make women comfortable at work.





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