Wise words in the Arrival Hall


So the New Year has started and I am only now able to get to the block. I have already busted my New Year resolution on procrastination. So what else is new?
On the home front, electricity supply to the Akwapim Ridge has so far been stable. At least the Electricity Company of Ghana has kept its New Year Resolution. But this should not prevent me from putting a back up system in place. If only solar panels were not so expensive. Ebe ye yie.

What else is new? I did not realize there was such a mess these days at the Kotoka International Airport until I passed through there recently. People coming in sometimes have to wait for hours to claim their luggage because the luggage carousels there aren’t enough.
” Due to congestion, all passengers on flight ZA 222 from ZZZ are
requested to wait until luggage from the previous arrivals is cleared”. And then, 20 minutes later,
“All passengers who arrived on flight ZA 222 may now claim their
luggage on carousel 6”. Then after another ten minutes,
“All passengers who arrived on flight ZA 222 may now retrieve their
luggage on carousel 4″.
It is a proper circus at the arrival hall. While I waited for my bag, I looked around.  People looked cross and jumpy, arguing with each other and pushing the empty carts into those who stood around the carousel. I amused myself by reading what had been posted on the pillars in the hall.”In the moment of need, the wise build bridges” (African proverb). “To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered” (John Ruskin). “Be heard. Clear calls with Tigo”. I thought these wise words were cynical considering the situation in which people got to read them.  But really, we do need to ask questions and let our complaints be heard.  When I finally found my bags and tried to avoid further delay by quickly walking past the customs officers, one of them stopped me and asked for a tip. Well,Christmas time indeed. Where are we? Are we a good ‘gateway to Africa’? It is high time we got a new airport. High time we made arrivals and departures from Kotoka International more comfortable. Now the holidays are over and perhaps the airport will become  less congested.  Until the next holiday season. And then we will all get onto the carousel again. Possibly those in power do not see how bad the situation is because they are all VIP’s and do not make such experiences. We plod on. 2014, here we come!


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