A Linen Independence Day



Some days are smooth and comfortable, like velvet on the skin. Other days are silky, and some days are rough to the body and soul. Yesterday felt to me like linen. A bit rough to touch, but cool and practical.

Yesterday was a holiday in Ghana. We celebrated 57 years of independence. I listened briefly to a discussion on television about where we are and where we should be going. Then I switched it off. I did not want to think about politics. Life itself is political. The issues are here with us and we cannot run away from them. But sometimes one simply doesn’t want to know. We need switch off so that we can face the issues squarely, on another day.photo-3photo

On the Akwapim Ridge, the sun came out late. It was dark and misty when I woke up. After a while it began to rain. I went to my balcony to watch it. It came down like a voile curtain slowly descending. I couldn’t see the raindrops, but they materialized on my iPad and I felt water on my skin. It was misty everywhere, and cold. I went back into the house to cover myself with a shawl. When I picked up the shawl, the lights went out. I resumed my rain watch on the balcony.

The lights went on and off about three times. I stayed home to work on some writing assignments and other work related matters. At the end of the day I felt good about what I had achieved. It got so cool in the night that I had to cover myself with a wool blanket.
It can get cool in the tropics, too. On such days I just love living on the Ridge. I am grateful for its linen days.


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