Storm clouds and other things: who knows what will happen?


I am breezing through another Sunday, anxious that the lights stay on. I am sure I have spoken enough about the electricity supply, but its erratic nature is a feature of life as we live it in these parts. Even bloggers who talk about very serious issues like politics in Ghana never fail to write about this irksome subject. (See, for example, Sydney Casely-Hayford on; also;

I have scheduled a film for my Sociology of Religion class tomorrow and hope the lights stay on. Before I go to bed, I make sure that I am charging my phone and iPad, and make sure that the laptop is fully charged, for you never know… The motor of my freezer breathed its last when the lights went out last Thursday, only to return on Friday afternoon. So I have to cough up about 200 US dollars to get a new one installed. Meanwhile I am worrying about what to do with all the fresh fish I brought back from Cape Coast the other day.

It is otherwise a lovely, peaceful Sunday afternoon. Even my neighbours are quiet today. I have heard the sound of crying children only two times today.  The sound of singing from the church around here has stopped, and only the distant sounds of cars whizzing by on the highway and birdsong remain constant. Lovely. But I think I see storm clouds gathering in the east. A rainstorm on the Akwapim Ridge means a power cut. Storm clouds are not a good sign.

A friend recently drew my attention to the following website the other day. We were talking about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and she asked me to view Well, there are very many theories about Flight 370. We do not know anything yet. I think that the mainstream news reports do not reflect the truth, and that some information is withheld. But this website claims they have gone into another dimension. Soon we will come into contact with our neighbours from other multiverses, not a universe. Exciting stuff.  What will happen? What is happening in Ghana and around our world? In Ghana, many of us are not very happy. We feel let down by our leaders. But we do not take action. Who knows what will happen?




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