58 years old…and counting


Another Independence Day
It seems like only yesterday when I wrote about the Independence Day Holiday that felt to me like a piece of linen. Another year has passed, and here we are, celebrating 58 years of Ghana’s political independence. But I feel rather strange today. There is a feeling of melancholy out there. Something does not feel quite right, or is it just me? One thing, the weather on the Ridge these days is dull. We do not get much sunshine. We have hazy days. And then, the electricity supply is as erratic as ever.
Surprisingly, the lights came on at 6am today. Perhaps the State wanted to give us all an Independence Day gift. I wanted to get on the block in the morning, but I decided to go to Accra and visit some family members.
I am back home now. I have tried to go online for the past 45 minutes or so without success. My WiFi does not work, the internet modem I use is not functioning properly. And now there is no electricity. The day has almost ended and Big Brother feels we have had enough of a treat. I have decided to write my entry on Word and save it. I can later on upload it.
I do not really want to discuss politics here but hey, life is political isn’t it? So I did not watch the usual Independence Day stuff the TV churns out year after year. The show of state power through parades of the army and police, helicopters above and the political élite in their finery, watching the show. Politics in Ghana leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. We hardly have any electricity, there is high inflation, and it seems people want to use every opportunity they can get to cheat others. Our leaders have made promise after promise to us, but are unable to fulfil them. It feels like the boy who cried “wolf”.
What did we do wrong? I am sure there are several reasons: poor economic policies, lack of vision, dependence on development aid, poor agricultural policies, corruption, weak leadership. I could go on and on. We have become a country with people who complain all the time. Many of us  are plain sick and tired of dumsor, and we can see that many things do not work properly. But we prevail. We write songs about dumsor, we laugh about our leader who supposedly does not want to listen to us (there is a highlife hit by Lumba ‘Y’en tie obia’.
Once we can still laugh at ourselves, I think we are fine. Ghana must experience days of silk, honey, pleasure and laughter. We need to envision a new, golden, corruption-free and democratic world, free of poverty and suffering. We must think about strategies through which we can get access to a more comfortable world, for all, not just a few.

One day later. I have spent more than two hours trying to save this entry. I finally phoned the telecommunication company that provides my internet service. They apologized and told me to go back online. I keep on losing the connection. I have decided to post this entry without having proofread it. Sorry folks. That is life in Ghana at 58. However, the phone company people apologized, and they did try to solve the problem! I need to go before I lose this connection! So long! Oh! I forgot to mention that today, on 7th March 2015, the lights have been on since 6am! Yay!!!


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