The sweetness of people power: will dumsor stop?


I am on a high today. I have not been motivated to come back here for a long while, but today, I feel so energised and happy that I think I have enough fire in me to write a few words.

Late in the afternoon yesterday the unthinkable happened. Hundreds of Ghanaians  participated in a vigil to express their dissatisfaction with the Dumsor situation. I have written about Dumsor on this blog in the past, and my readers may find it boring, but it is very, very real in Ghana and now affects all aspects of life.

I was out-of-town for the greater part of the day yesterday, and headed back to Accra from the Central Region at 1pm. After spending close to 1 hour and 15 minutes in Kasoa, I finally arrived in  Accra to find that people had converged at Legon to walk towards the green at Tetteh Quashie Roundabout. I checked Twitter to find out what was happening and the tweets were fast pouring in by the second.

It has taken a movie star and a rapper to mobilise people to take to the streets, and I cannot help thinking that this was the best alternative to mobilisation from the political parties. The two main political parties have polarised the country.. Now, local celebrities have called for people power. I drove past the demonstration to see the scene. By the time I made it through the teeming traffic it was dusk, and there were hundreds of people in black walking towards the green. Many of them held torches and candles and the atmosphere was electric. I did not see anyone wearing the colours of any political party. #Dumsor must stop is the slogan of the day.

When I got to the Akwapim Ridge, all the lights were on, and today, the lights are still on! Seriously, our leaders need to listen to us for once, and take actions that will improve our lives.1000 cheers for Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie, Van Vickers, DJ Black, and all other celebrities like Confidence Haugen, Efya, Lydia Forson, Wanluv Kubolor and all those who poured onto the streets. You have made Ghanaians taste the sweetness of people power. I feel encouraged. This is the start of many good things to come that will turn around our lives!   #Dumsor must really stop!


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